Saturday, April 07, 2007

Read "Pilgrims" by Diane Gallant

"Pilgrims" is one of those stories that has a slow, gentle magic. It's warmly human and the speculative element starts subtly and builds to a satisfying conclusion. No big booms or spaceships or villains, but what is there is something anyone who has lived long enough can identify with. And anyone who has suffered loss.

Read "Pilgrims" at DKA.


Somewhere, Eric is sitting cross-legged on a small circular rug under a window. He is playing with tiny animals of colored glass, and in his hands tigers fly and dogs speak riddles and crocodiles bounce on their tails. He is full of noise and color, bright and sharp around the edges. Sid can hardly bear to look at him.

In this place, in this dream, Eric is the real creature, the child of flesh and blood, while Sid is the insubstantial one, the ghost. Here, in this dream, it is Eric who lives and Sid who is dead.

Behind Eric, outside of the blue-curtained window, stars whirl and spin in a black sky.

“Eric,” says Sid. He does not expect to be heard.

Eric looks up, squints at the corners of the ceiling.


You can purchase the print version of the April 2007 issue of Dragons, Knights & Angels, which contains the above story as well as a poem by Mirathon regular, Snarky Chris.

Also read Diane Gallant's story over at LEADING EDGE. And if you like her style, consider purchasing REVELATION, which has another of her stories. If an author gives you reading nummies, you should financially support them. Really, you oughta shoulda.

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