Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ray Bradbuy Interview at Sci Fi Weekly

The master speaks HERE. And says, among other things, the following:
I will be doing a story, sometime in the future, about an entire church of priests who go out into the universe in their search for God, not realizing that God is buried in their hearts. You don't search for it [God] in other places. It is in your breast, in your psyche and in your soul—I hope to work on that more and publish it in about two years.


SolShine7 said...

umm...whoa! Does that say it all?!?!

Kudos on the super cool find.

Josh said...

Loved the interview. Thanks for putting it up. I'm glad to finally find a good excuse for my schizophrenic tendencies. It's also fun to see how all this "new! revised!" writing they've been coming out with Bradbury is material he's had written for decades now. Always fascinating to see the evolution of a story.