Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Please Pray for a Calm Hurricane Season

Last year, we got a lovely breather after two years of getting whomped repeatedly here in the Sunshine State. And we all know the devastation in the gulf region of the US and Central America.

We had to dip in to our savings, many thousands worth, to fix up what got smashed or torn or beat up. And yet, I am sosososossoso very grateful to have a roof, to have walls, to have savings. Other folks lost everything material, and worse, lost loved ones.

This year, may no one lose anything due to some big bad named storm.

So, this is my official plea for fervent prayers for a calm summer/fall. Hey, I'm not above asking God for some nice El Nino intervention. Or a dash of Atlantic Ocean cooling. I've still got a leaky back room roof from a 2005 wallop. And if I could be so greedily bold, please pray for many years of calm hurricane seasons. Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba, etc, would all smooch you for it.

And to all who add this to their daily prayers (along with a cure for AIDS and the end of sex slavery and an end to drought/famine in various places and a more peaceful coming year)--I thank you. I know not a lot of folks REALLY pray when they say they will. But some do. Thanks.


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Elliot said...

I'll pray too! I always make an effort to actually pray for things when I say I will, even if they're just half-assed, one-minute prayers said on the bus. And even when I feel like it won't do any good. To do otherwise would feel too dishonest.