Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pixy on CBA Editors and the "F" Word

Yes, reading Pixy's post today makes The Mir want to SCREAM really LOUDLY in someone's FACE, preferably someone editorial!

But, I shall be a lady and control myself and merely make semi-discreet growly noises at the monitor. Here, read the following and grrrr along with me:

First off, this tour has proven to me that CSFF is surely not dead--and it's not doing so bad on sales either. And so here's where the publishers say, "That's just Karen", cause, well, she's Karen. Talented and Christy-winning Karen. :)

But the truth is Karen isn't alone. Our own tour members, Wayne Batson and his contemporary, Bryan Davis are doing VERY well on the sales as well. So, here's where the publishers say, "Those are Teen books. Adults who buy CBA don't buy fantasy."

But I have another point. Sitting at dinner one night at Mt. Hermon I got to talking numbers with an editor whose house had published some fantasy a while back. Fantasy that supposedly bombed. But the numbers told a different story. And I asked this editor if the numbers were really that bad. He said, "No those are about the sales of an average book." Average book--like the next Lori Wick novel or Love Inspired. Average. Not horrible. Not even bad. Just average.

So, here's my conclusion: editors only want fantasy that will go BANG. This is why they never pick it up. Unless it's a sure-fire hit, they say, "Oh, it just doesn't sell." What they really mean is: it doesn't sell like Dekker or Left Behind.

Actually, it would be really cool of Love Inspired did romantic Christian fantasy, huh?


Rebecca said...

Would you finish that book and give Pixy some more BANG, dear Mir? Or Pix is going to beat you to it!

I was wishing for an editor to shake, too.

SolShine7 said...

And who says "teen books" don't appeal to adults? Yeah right! Whether people acknowledge it or not they most certainly do. Coming of age stories never go out of style.

Pixy said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that this miffs.

And I second Rebecca: Get that ms out there, Ms. Mir! The world of CBA needs your prose!