Friday, April 20, 2007

No One Tagged Me, But I'm Still Playing!

Name up to three characters (from books)...

1). You wish were real so you could meet them.

~~Quentin (Chronicles of Chaos)--cause I have a crush on him
~~Paul Muad'Dib (DUNE)--cause I had a crush on him
~~Aragorn (LoTR)--cause I wanted to marry him

Hang on, I sense an estrogen-drenched pattern here...

2). You would like to be.

~~Amelia Armstrong Windrose (Chronicles of Chaos)--cause she's ubercool, slender enough to wear a mini with panache, and has that whole fourth-dimensional power that I covet. Plus, she got to fly with Quentin and that hot red-winged, redheaded Boreas. (Okay, I must be fertile or something today.) I can even excuse the whole looking like a squid thing. Maybe.
~~Death (SANDMAN), cause she's hot-looking, has cool black hair, and has the ultimate POWER! (My inner empress is stirred)
~~Galadriel (LoTR), oh, come on, beautiful and powerful and deathless and constantly surrounded by handsome elfin types. What's not to like?

3). Who scare you.

~~Dementors (Harry Potter) No, really, they do. More than Voldemort
~~Marsuvees Black (Showdown) :::shudder:::
~~Other Mother (Coraline) The creepiest maternal figure I have ever encountered. :::hiding in closet:::

I tag Josh Vogt, Solshine7 (Karen), and Eve Nielsen Do leave a comment if you play along. And anyone else who wants to answer the questions, DO IT. I tag you, too!!! Let me know if you blog amusing answers. I like to giggle.



SolShine7 said...

Fun stuff...let me think about my list and I'll post it tomorrow.

SolShine7 said...

Mine's up!

Mirtika said...

I went over and didn't see it, Karen