Monday, April 30, 2007

Nancy Fulda at TSR Gives Writers Tips
On How To Rise Up Out of the Slush Pile

Vist The Sword Review to check out Nancy Fulda's Three-Step Guide to Gerring Out of the Slush Pile. Nancy is an editorial associate at Baen's Universe, one of the better paying pro markets for writers of science fiction and fantasy. The three steps are:

1. the right hook
2. a focused mid-story
3. a wrap up with resonance

Read the article at TSR for the explanations of each. Examine your latest story and see if it has all these, or ask your crit partner(s) if they see this in your work.

Nancy also offers lots of writing advice over at Baen's Bar. (Registration is super-easy, just username and email and, wham, they send you your password and you can sign on right off. Took me 30 seconds.) Sam Hidaka offers great links for Baen's Bar tips HERE.


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