Monday, April 02, 2007

Mir's Hubby At Worship Music Practice

My superadorable mister goes to weekly music practices with the members of the praise team. While his best instrument is drums (and percussion), he also does bass and guitar. This comes in handy when someone is out sick or for another reason--he's the "fill in" dude.

The current team drummer (at whose house the practices have been occurring) will be focusing on evangelism, and hubby will go back to drumming. (He's a really, really good drummer! And amazingly sexy behind the set. Whoo.)

But here's one of him NOT drumming.

Compare it to the South Park image of him I did earlier in March.

Okay, so he's not wearing the hat. But the rosy cheeks are evident, and the color of the outfit is uncannily close.

What a sweetie.

If you missed the South Park Mir, you can view my SP Mir variations here.

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