Monday, April 30, 2007

Mir's "DNA"

Sofisticat, worker bee, junkie monkey, love bug? Well, love bug, yeah. :) They should have had a Pre-Raphaelite painting there, a Burne-Jones or something, to peg me better. And my treat would be chocolate mousse or a killer platter of cheese enchiladas. As for "my music", if they'd had a chamber music quartet in a lovely Japanese garden, or a folk singer with a guitar under a tree in a grassy spot, and I'd be so there. As far as travel: Just plunk me down in the middle of some gorgeous museum in Paris or New York or London or Madrid, or set me down in Tuscany with some bean soup and crusty bread, or let me off at St. Mark's square for espresso and winged-lion-hunting.

Thanks to Carmen, that dreamer-escape artist-back to basics-home soul, for the link.

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SolShine7 said...

Mir, that site is so cool. I posted mine on my Think Virtue! blog and linked back to yours.

Thanks for sharing the fun.