Monday, April 23, 2007

Looking for the Next LEFT BEHIND

Not me. Sorry, but I couldn't get into the LB books.

But this SF Gate article looks at HarperSanFrancisco (a HarperCollins imprint) and their new line Avon Inspire, and into the Christian fiction genre and its audience:

The success of LaHaye's books has prompted publishers to experiment with different Christian genres and to develop prolific "star" writers, such as the Rev. Rick Warren in nonfiction and Karen Kingsbury in fiction.

"The Purpose-Driven Life" -- a self-help book written by Warren, pastor of a Southern California megachurch -- sold 22 million copies even before it became the unlikely hinge of a 2005 news story. By reading aloud from the book, an Atlanta woman was able to persuade a gunman to set her free.

Kingsbury, the nation's top-selling Christian romance author, is a former Los Angeles Times sports reporter who now publishes three inspirational novels per year.

"Historical fiction as a genre is growing, and Christian romance is huge," said Fensterman, of BookExpo America.

In June, the fair is planning a panel for booksellers on how to buy Christian fiction, plus a panel on secularism versus Christianity.

"I was in a bookstore in Alabama, and their Christian fiction section was as large as their general fiction section," Fensterman said.

The genre is popular because "evangelical Christians can buy these books and know they fit their lifestyle," he said.

Well, I'm hoping part of that explosion covers more than "romance", of course.


Josh said...

More romance? What? The Buck/Chloe love mesh wasn't enough for you? Whaddaya want?

Mirtika said...

MORE THAN romance, not MORE ROMANCE, you doofus. :)

I was hinting at SF and stuff.