Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interview with W. Dale Cramer &
His Reply to "Why Christian Fiction?"

I really enjoyed Cramer's BAD GROUND and was sorry to hit the last page. If you've never read him, drop by and check out the interview at Relz Review, and then go buy one of his novels.

A snippet:

Why Christian fiction?

When I was ready to start on a novel I had three very different ideas, all springing from short stories I had written. Two of them were very good and somewhat commercial; I felt sure either one would make me rich and famous. Neither of them was identifiably Christian, although I don’t believe they would have offended anybody. The third idea was this odd thing about a broken down old biker, and how when God wants to accomplish something he uses the last person you’d expect. I didn’t want to do that one because I knew it would be a Christian story and I had no knowledge of the market, but whenever I thought about choosing one of the three ideas and getting started somebody would always come up to me, or call, or email, and ask when I was going to write the book about the biker. So, just in case, I asked God for a clear sign. And got one. The biker story eventually became Sutter’s Cross, my first novel.

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