Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haley Hit the Skids; Sanjaya Wasn't Worst & Surely Satisfied His Swooning Fangirls

Okay, this is the first week since this run of American Idol started that Melinda Doolittle didn't blow me away. (And I wish she had a nice broochy bit of bling for her one-shoulder dress instead of that necklace that wasn't visible on her neck.) But, she still can sing, even on her off days. No pitchiness. No breathlessness. No loss of control. The gal is good.

Lakisha had an interesting dress for Latin night, and the song was a familiar and catchy one, but she lacked the oomph I'm used to getting from our big-voiced gal.

Blake was fun. Chris was...making weird faces. Singing was okay. Phil, okay. Jordin was just adorable and cute and perky...and just pretty okay. Another gal who could have delivered more feeling and oomph, but didn't. (Still, the best smile ever on American Idol!)

"Okay" ruled the night Tuesday.

And, surprise, Sanjaya was not the worst this week! (I was shocked. I generally just leave the room when he's into his songs, you know, go get a snack, some water, make with the bathroom break. Anything but listen to the whole thing. I was expecting another horror. Shocked.) With his curls framing his face, his perfect teeth flashing, and his eyes doing their best to be lambent and loveboytoyish, he surely got his teenyboppers phoning in with mad and squealy abandon. He should have been ditched the first week. No kidding. But his BESAME MUCHO was actually...not horrible. His Spanish was serviceable. His playing to the camera had me flashbacking to Constantine. I was waiting for the tonue waggle! I have to agree with the judges this week: The boy is smart. He played his target audience quite well. He's doing the thing with his hair that probably keeps hairdressers busy chatting during the week. He doesn't risk anything when he sings.

You know, I think he should dig up some of those mellow, Brazilian songs that can be sung in low, soulful, monotonish manner, and that just might work for him. No strain. Just feel it up and work the camera. (Ugh)

Drumroll... And now, the worst:

Haley was a disaster. Really awful. I thought she should have gone weeks ago, but hey, America liked her weepiness in some episodes and her legs in others, I'm sure. Still, this weak's massacre of TURN THE BEAT AROUND--she lost her notes in places, she lost her breath in others, she barely got heard here and there, she messed up the tempo a few times. A wreck. But she wore very short shorts and showed off her terrific gams. That might keep her in. Who knows? If the voters have any clue, she is gone. If the "Leg Lovers of America" band together, she may hang around another week or two.

Bottom three: Haley, Sanjaya, Phil.

Let's see if America gets it right tonight.

For better recap and commentary than mine (funnier, snarkier, quote-laden, detailed, and chronological), go HERE, where the Sanjaya as love child of Jack Sparrow and DeBarge nearly killed me.

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