Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gunman Spews Self-Pitying Crap on Video

The gunman-student culpable for the massacre at Virginia Tech on Monday blames his victims and everyone else on video for his being a walking dungheap of a loser.

Interesting, because it seems that lots of folks cut him slack and were trying to get him help. Some psych will likely say paranoid-schizo. But the rant sounds like someone seething with envy, so filled with hate for those who had "everything", as he puts it, mentioning even a luxury car in that context. The crappy writing done by this student also shows a sense of not having enough money and, perhaps, holding others (his father, the system) for his not having everything HE wanted. Class warfare takes on a horrifying literal sense in his rant and actions.

If he had real mental illness, then someone dropped the hugest ball ever, beginning with mom and dad. But I wouldn't be surprised if this was mental illness and that something else--a total self-absorption that hates whoever has what one wants, be it money or love or sex or popularity or success or all of the above.

There's a lesson in that sort of obsession for all of us. Don't let envy consume you. Don't let anger feed and feed. Don't focus on what others have in their lives that you want until you lose sight of your own life and possibilities. One doesn't have to be mentally unsound to be taken over by dark feelings. We're all at risk. Well, all except maybe my husband, who doesn't seem to have a mean or envious bone in his body.

Envy and coveting and wrath and lust have driven more than one person to heinous acts. Seems the gunman (whose name I refuse to type and who is, quite likely, in an utterly damned spot right now) suffered from numerous deadly sins. Unfortunately, they weren't deadly only to his own self.

He may think he died like Jesus, but he's sadly mistaken. Jesus didn't slaughter anyone to make himself feel better, and Jesus didn't retaliate against those who spat on him, beat him, whipped him, or crucified him. He still calls out to all,"Come and love and be loved forever," even to those who fervently curse his name. He interceded for them from his cross . He DIED for others, even his enemies. If the gunman had died for another, even HIS enemies, if he had self-sacrificed like Liviu Librescu, the gunman would be a hero and we'd be praising his name and giving honor to his memory.

Instead, he died full of resentment, accusations, and wrath, which may have begun with a bad childhood or been nursed by mental unbalances, or perhaps began with his own dark heart. He suicided with nearly 3 dozen murders on his soul, and numerous other terrible injuries at his feet. When he comes face to face with that very Jesus he links his actions to, he's gonna have the worst moment of his existence, worse than the one where he blows his head off.

He's gonna see truth, and it's gonna hurt really, really a lot than any of us can begin to imagine.


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Elliot said...

Right on, Mir. You've pretty much summed up what I was thinking about this guy's ranting. I've no doubt that depression and other emotional problems played a significant role in his life, but he fed himself on some dark and destructive thoughts, too, tunneling in on himself, away from the light.