Saturday, April 14, 2007

Genesis Entry Submitted Minutes Ago

Okay, my achey eyes want a cold compress.

I got to twenty-six pages, then tightened and edited to get it down to twenty-five, precisely.

It's not a bad two dozen pages plus, either.

I hope my submission goes through smoothly and has no problems. Electronic submissions are still a bit odd to me. Last year, I could touch the pages, SEE them, and know what was on them. Electronically, I have to trust the document uploads nicely on their end.

:::biting nails:::

Thanks to Josh, Selena, and Alice for giving me some feedback on short notice. I really, really love you guys! Muah!

Camy, you will let me know that it got there in good shape, right? Right???

Anyway, the best of luck to all the contestants. May the judges give good feedback and have good judgment and may we all get psyched to write better and better. And may no one be snippy or testy with the judges or coordinators. And may everyone have some fun with the whole process.

I need some tea or espresso or something perkifying.


Shannon said...

I'm shaking in my boots ... *giggle*

Congrats on getting it ready!!

Mirtika said...

THANKS. I hope the finalists are all part of our speccy gang. Party!

I've written a few more pages, and I keep walking around with a notepad cause bits of dialogue keep coming at me.