Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Geek Hierarchy:
Whew, I'm Not at the Bottom!

While hanging over at John C. Wright's livejournal, I got a link from one of the comments with an extended Geek Hierarchy Chart.

I'm doing better than expected. I haven't written any erotic fan fiction, although B-5, with the double-whammy of John Sheridan and Marcus Cole in later seasons, could have tempted me to cross the fan-fic line, had I not been embarrassed at the very thought of keyboarding any such thing. (If I could blush, I might be doing that now.)And the only thing remotely fan-ficcy that I did was a Dune-related poem. I don't count that at all. No, really, it doesn't count.

I never dressed up as a character. I haven't role-played since my brief time playing D&D (extremely badly) in 1981, and I mostly did that cause the guys I played with were so funny, I didn't mind getting killed early just to hear them do accents and quip and be hugely amusing and obsessive.

So, really, I'm in that first long tier, the one right under SF LITERATURE FANS

So, either I'm a failed geek, or I'm an almost lit-elitist. Hmm.

Where are you?


Speaking of John C. Wright: My TITANS OF CHAOS, assures me, is on its way. I'm almost tempted to put on aviator goggles and helmet, but then I'd lose my high ranking on the Geek Hierarchy. :::must hold onto dignity, must hold onto dignity:::


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SolShine7 said...

What are furries???

I'm not at the bottom but I consider myself geek chic. As Will Smith said in Men in Black, "I made this look good."

*puts on trendy sunglasses and walks away into the sunset*