Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gave Up On LOST Too Soon:
Bloggy Appreciation of Desmond Hume!

Well, whatever it is in my DNA that makes me prone to swoon over Scotsmen and Celts has struck again. I came across something on Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume on LOST), and thought, "Oh, dang. Hottie alert." He's sort of like Dustin Hoffman if Hoffman were quite nice-looking and had a fabulous voice along with acting talent.

If Mr. Cusick is any indication, Peruvians should wed and reproduce with Scots with much greater frequency. It's a very nice blend. (Come to think of it, the most attractive doctor I ever saw in all my times in hospital as patient or employee was from Peru. Wow. That black, smooth "Indio" hair and that gorgeous dark skin and those big dark eyes. Beautiful man.)

So, maybe when the show ends I'll Netflix up some of the episodes with the toothsome Mr. Cusick. Gerard Butler is still King of Screen Hotties, though.

One troublesome observation: They really need to stop letting hugely attractive actors play Jesus. Between Jim Caviezel and Henry Ian Cusick, it's getting very uncomfortable. One doesn't want to watch the life of our Savior play out cinematically and think, no matter how spontaneously, "Whoo, Jesus has got it going on!"


I fervently recommend only homely actors be considered during casting of the next gospel story production, please.

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