Friday, April 20, 2007

The FemiNerds Recommend Comics

If you enjoy comics or graphic novels (or just never tried some and want to), the FemiNerds have compiled a list of 12 recommendations.

I own and enjoyed (enjoy) five of the twelve: the ASTONISHING X-MEN series by Whedon (three vols, bound, which I recommended on this blog a year ago or more), the complete SANDMAN (of course), FRAY, the two issues out on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's SEASON 8, more than half of the bound volumes of FABLES (which anyone who loves urban fantasy and retold fairy tales should check out!). Oh, well, so I'm behind. Heh.

I did see Whedon's name attached to RUNAWAYS, which makes me wanna get it very, very soon. And the girl-power of BIRDS OF PREY appeals to me. Need to vist VILLAINS (my local comics shop) again soon and check those out.

Which ones on that list have you read and enjoyed?

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SolShine7 said...

Thanks for the tip. Runaways sounds really good!

I just finished reading my first manga graphic novel called Chobits. It has a cool concept, people as personal computers.