Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fantasy Novelist's Exam: Take the Quiz!

I'm pretty sure I posted this last year, but, honestly, I can't remember. So, since Miss Snark posted it on hers this week, I figured, why not a revisit to:

The Fantasy Novelist's Exam

You will giggle by the time you get to #33, then #53, then the last two.

Of course, I just read that terrific trilogy where, in the first book, a character (more than "a") is secretly a god. (#9) So, one could answer "yes" to some of these questions. I don't think we'll ever tire of novels that have a character who is "the one", although we don't have to call them "The One." (Babylon 5 did just fine with several The Ones, and that, itself, broke the cliche.) The messianic character will always have power, depending on what all goes on around and with him/her. I like "the ones."

But this quiz is not a bad tool to see if one has fallen into the Derivative Rut or the Well of Cliche.


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Katie Hart said...

Well, though I haven't written my fantasy yet, the only one on the exam that is somewhat close to what I have planned is #19: Would "a fearless warrioress more comfortable with a sword than a frying pan" aptly describe any of your female characters?

Though she is decent at cooking . . . and sometimes is afraid . . .