Monday, April 02, 2007

Fabulous Market Search Tool for Writers

Thanks to Josh V for this link: Duotrope's Digest (Markets for Writers).

Here's the results for my search for "short story" in "fantasy" in "any medium" at "any pay scale".

Easy to use, you fill in the particulars, and--voila--the links appear before your eyes. You'll want to bookmark this one or link to it on your sidebar (as I plan to. They also have a submission tracker, and by reporting where you submit and what your response was (revision, rejection, acceptance), you can help them keep up with the markets and help OTHER writers (and you). So, register. Participate. If you have submissions out there, enter them into the submission tracker. When you get replies, enter the results. It helps the broader writing community!


And I think it's so useful to me and my fellow writers, that I donated ten bucks to their budget. If you have a paypal account and think this is a worthy tool for scribes such as we are, then drop in a buck or five, eh?

But donate to DKA first, cause, well, we still haven't make a big enough dent on fundraising for next year's budget. You can support us by entering the contest or buying stuff from our store, or just donating via Paypal (see the button on our sidebar). Visit DKA and lend us some support.

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