Monday, April 30, 2007

Editors and Writers on YouTube

YouTube isn't just about webisodes or film trailers or music videos or homages to hunky Scottish actors. You can spend time with assorted editors and writers there.


Dave Long of Bethany House talks on writing

Joe Casada of Marvel Comics

Allison Janssen, editor at Bleak House Books

Jeff VanderMeer interviews Sebastien Guillot, editor at Calmann-Levy (Paris), about publishing books with magic or fantastical elements

Jukka Halme, Finnish SF editor


Ray Bradbury on life and writing

Paul Levinson on the History of Science Fiction

Philip K Dick interview footage from 1977

Others, like Stephen King, also are interviewed there. Do your own YouTube search and see what you come up with. Share fun or insightful or informative vids of editors or authors or agents by leaving the url here in a comment.


1 comment:

Josh said...

It's fun to type random letters into the YouTube search function and see what it pulls up. Dangerous too.

Anyone seen all those Dean Koontz videos they've put together for his new book? I thought that a particularly brilliant marketing scheme, and would have tried had my only piece of video equipment not been my webcam.