Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DKA and TSR Stats for March are Out!

Here are both February and March visits/page views stats for both DKA and TSR so that you can compare where action is UP:

Month................The Sword Review..........DKA Magazine

February~~~~~~~~~41,046 ~883,902 ___41,909 ~545,170
March~~~~~~~~~~ 60,417 ~805,814 ___51,574 ~659,193

For Dragons, Knights & Angels, that's more than 50K visits in March, and two-thirds of a million page views. Cool.


SolShine7 said...

aweSOME! I've been giving The Sword Review some linkeage on my MySpace page. Some of my friends said they checked it out. Does DKA have a MySpace page?

Mirtika said...

THat's funny. I actually don't know. I hardly ever use MySpaced. I spend a bit more time (not much) at SHOUTLIFE, where I linked DKA to the Christian Ezine page.