Thursday, April 19, 2007

Did You Hear My Squeal of Joy Last Night?

You must have. I shook the rafters when they voted off Sanjaya Malakar. Finally, I can watch American Idol and not have to grit my teeth or leave the room as I did during his previous performances.

Now, I give him points for poise. He's had a lot of snarking about him, and he's kept his cool. So, good for him. But really, much better singers were voted off.

And I hope the folks at Vote for the Worst all get monumental cases of the piles for keeping him there that long.

It was great to see Melinda Tuesday back in fresh form. She should win. But Jordin is gaining on her. I remember seeing Tuesday's Jordin performance and thinking, "Oh-oh. She might win." When Simon Cowell echoed that, it was rather eerie. Jordin has a couple of things on Melinda: she's younger, she's cuter. Melinda has seasoned and consistently fine vocals. But American can be swayed by a pretty face with a killer smile, and Jordin has that and a good voice and bubbly spirit. Watch out, Miz Doo.

I can't wait to see what Kiki (Lakisha) does to get back in good with the audience. Her choice of a Carrie Underwood song ("Jesus Take the Wheel") was a very, very bad choice. The first Kiki performance I had to go, "Oooh, that note was not nice." Country was just not good for the team. I figure Phil is hoping real hard that the Vote for the Worst people take him on and get him a few million votes. Phil's the frontrunner in their poll. Sigh.

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