Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Christian Themes in Riddle-Master Trilogy

Martin of Sun and Shield blog has posted on Christian themes he's detected in Patricia McKillip's RIDDLE-MASTER trilogy. Read this one first.

He has posted previously on McKillip's works: here and here

I have ten or so of McKillip's works around my library-o-chaos, and have read fewer than half. She doesn't have enough plot for me. I'm a very plot-needy reader. But she has lovely, clean prose and she has those killer Craft covers I collect. If you haven't read McKillip, I say go with something short to start, like THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD, or the collection of her short fiction called HARROWING THE DRAGON, or just read the first in the Riddle-Master trilogy--THE RIDDLE-MASTER OF HED--and see how you like it.


Tap said...

What do you mean by "plot"? Epic saving-the-world type stories?

Martin LaBar said...

You are right about a couple of things, and probably a lot more (in this post and elsewhere):
McKillip's plots can usually be summed up in about one sentence per novel.

Start with The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.

Thanks for the mention.

Mirtika said...

Tap, no, it doesn't HAVE to be epic. :) I mean that I like a lot of stuff happening, things coming one after another. Lots of peril and dilemmas and consequences. Page-turners that don't rely a lot on internal monologue and mood and character exploration, but that actually have bam, then bam, then bam, each action or decision really bringing on the new complication mojo.

Hey, I don't like long, meandering short stories or poems, either. I pretty much want to get going on page one or line one and keep going at a nice clip. This is probably why I delve much less frequently into "literary" novels or 600 page sagas these days. I no longer have the attention span/patience for it.