Monday, April 16, 2007

Calls for Cthulhu: It's Not Easy Being
Green, But It's Utterly HILARIOUS!

I was browsing SF Signal and found the uploaded video of "Calls for Cthulhu", the first episode And the narrator even pronounced the perplexing name as I do. Yippeee.

Too funny. The advertisement for Peeps just about had me hospitalized. The Rapid Fire Rounds are gigglesom. And, really, is a plush Cthulhu not irresistible?

If you were one of those, like me, who got a huge kick out of Trogdor the Burninator, this should please you, too. Go and giggle.

Episode One: With the Peeps ad. Heh. Also this call:

Caller: "How do you pronounce your name?"
Cthulhu: "Kid have you got nine tongues."
Caller: "What?"
Cthulhu: "Tongues, kid. Have you got nine of them?"
Cthulhu: "Is your mouth more than six feet wide?"
Caller: "Well, no."
Cthulhu: "Then give it up. It's an alien language. Your little skin flap of a mouth can't handle it."
Caller: "Oh."
Cthulhu: "Besides, it's more of a mental thing than an actual word. So, just give it up. Next Caller."

Episode 2
Caller:Why do we taste bad?
Cthulhu Answer: I said you guys don't really taste good. I didn't mean you taste bad. For me it's a betcha-can't-eat-just-one sort of thing. The fleshy meat wrapping's a little annoying, but once you squeeze out a soul freed from its ripening insanity, you guys taste great."

Episode 3 On anti-green racism: "I have a dream that one day all the little green boys and girls will be able to play with all the little white boys and girls...and devour them."

Episode 4 Where Dread Cthulhu gets put on hold, and he's asked: "What do you have with souls, white or red wine or something else."
Cthulhu's fave dish? Tune in and find out.
(BTW, Cthulhu doesn't like Baptists. Ahem.)

"And be sure to come back next week when Cthulhu will SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!"


Rebecca said...

Oh, that is too good! My kids were asking sort of hesitantly, "Is that guy funny, Mommy?" But I was laughing to hard at the Peeps bit to answer.

Josh said...

One of my favorite video series to check up on. Rapid fire round!