Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Belated Linky Revolution Solidarity:
International Pixel-Stained Peasants Day

I made myself a note more than a week ago to cheer on IPSP Day. I forgot. Yeesh.

But you can still find operative links to the offerings of the "webscabs" (as departing SFWA vice-president calls them), but which I call generous writers of good cheer!

Jo Walton, Mistress Instigator, posts this on her blog entry:

cheshyre has suggested that non-writers celebrate not only by an orgy of reading, but by posting about writers they've started reading because they discovered them online, which seems to me a splendid idea.

If any of those linked stories thrills you, or you find a new writer to love, well, give them their props. Cool?

Three Cheers for the Pixel-Stained Peasants and the fruit of their keyboards!

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Eve said...

Mir-gotta stop by my blog for some great news!!