Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are You A Heinlein Fan? CENTENNIAL TIME!

Eve passed along a request to spread the bloggy word about the ROBERT A. HEINLEIN CENTENNIAL celebration coming up in July of this year. (It caught my eye cause I was just reading some excerpts from my copy of GRUMBLES FROM THE GRAVE while, er, bathrooming a couple days ago.) I'm not a huge, huge Heinlein fan (I WILL FEAR NO EVIL pretty much killed my urges to read him way back when), I know the dude was influential and that I probably should just read his older novels or the short stories and avoid the latter stuff that made my temples throb. (Plus the whole sexual philosophy of SiaSL still irks me.)

And if you hurry, hurry, hurry, you may be able to get your name in the drawing for a free blog design. (Eve is still taking names, but maybe not for long.)I'm partial to TREE and RED METAL.

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Eve said...

Thanks for the great linkage, Mir!