Friday, April 20, 2007

Are You Brave Enough To Email Elektra?

For those who thrive on getting feedback, here's another resource for you to send your synopsis, query letter, or first ten pages, etc: The Crapometer.

All that's necessary to submit is sending whatever you'd like critiqued--synopsis, query, first chapter (please keep it to around 10 pages or so)--to as an attachment.

I heard about The Crapometer over at Miss Snark, in this post which included the following answer to the question, "How does a writer know if he / she is any good?"

You don't. And it doesn't matter. "Good" is a term we throw around a lot but it's meaningless mostly.

I always say write well, but that's just to get out of the slush pile and to get you to quit obsessing about margins and times new roman. What I look for is work I can sell. Mostly that's "good" but not always.

If you really have no sense of whether your work is lucid, clear, compelling or cogent and persuasive take a writing class. First, it's fun, and second, most colleges have writing labs where you can take your term papers or essays and some poverty stricken graduate student will snark you into improving. I learned a LOT about good writing in undergraduate school from those guys.

Lots of the commenters will suggest a crit group:
A critique group is only as good as the people in it, and you'd be surprised how much crap comes out of crit groups. I got a huffy letter from querier once (back in the days of trying to be helpful---long gone I assure you) telling me my advice to seek out a crit group was clearly stupid cause she'd been in one for years. I got a good laugh from that. If you're in a crit group and people tell you need a crit group after they see your writing, you need a new group.

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