Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yet Another Sign of Dark Times Coming

The Allstate guy who got fired cause he blogged his traditional belief about homosexuality being a sin. The kid who was told in school they couldn't write about Jesus being their "hero" for a school report. Elton John getting away with saying that all organized religion should be outlawed. (Nice and tolerant of ya, E.J.) and getting no media flack for that bigoted and hate-mongering comment. The recent spate of anti-religion books by Dawkins and others who'd want to see religious activity banned, too.

And last year, one small sign on the internet. (Yeah, I'm late to the funeral.) Doug TenNapel gave a chilling (if fiscally understandable) justification for why he closed down his blog:

I’ve tried editing myself so that I don’t really write what I care about and the blog becomes pointless. Why on earth would I censor myself over my own blog? Simple, I like to work in Hollywood. A few other Christian friends of mine have discontinued their blogging as a strategy to remove the albatross of religious bigotry from every job interview. Any company that does work with me is going to send at least a lawyer to look at my blog out of due dilligence. Does a children’s book publisher who happens to be a feminist secular humanist liberal in New York really want to deal with the fall-out of my Pro Life blog? I don’t know but when considered for a job I’d hate to have this blog be the negative factor that tipped the scales away from getting a job.

The blog is gone. So is that post. But it lives on here.

The religious thought police is watching. The P/C P-T-B are sniffing you out. You can do all manner of the most ridiculous and perverted things and be cool. But have traditional Christian beliefs and express them, and you're the dangerous enemy who should be gagged and shackled (already being done in some way in academia and the mainstream media, metaphorically). Your blog may be your undoing come the day our religion IS banned. It's already the undoing of some.

And yeah, given history, given prophecy, given what happened under the secularists in China and the USSR, and given the way things are working out on these shores where a different sort of "fascism" is growing in power, it will get worse and worse and the dying time will come, oh yeah, to us in the US the way it has come to other believers at other times and at this time, our time, in other places.

You might want to support THESE folks, and THESE folks, and THESE folks, and THESE folks while you can.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
~~Isaish 5:20



chrisd said...

Wow. I thought we lived in a free country.

SolShine7 said...

Like whoa! Thanks for all the info.