Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yearning for Harry Potter Seven

Today, I had this particular urge to read the finale of the Potter saga. I still have to wait just under four months, though.

I expect Harry to die (in some fashion) in his valiant fight with Voldemort (cause, okay, I don't keep up with Potter-speculations, but I assume that Harry is himself a horcrux (the parseltongue, the sorting hat's wanting to put him in Slytherin, the connection to Voldemort, all those tell me part of Voldemort is almost surely inside Harry or the scar tissue.) I expect Harry to come back from the dead (in some fashion), because readers would be seriously ticked off if Harry stayed dead. Me included.

I also have no spent that much time thinking about it, so I may be way, way off base, speculations-wise. And that's fine, too. I just want to see how it all turns out.

And I'm getting antsy. Anyone else?


Heather said...

My mother-in-law got me addicted to these books, but only after the first 6 were already out. I was able to go one after the other. And now this waiting! What? I've had to wait like the common people?
I think he'll die too - a good death and resurrection story. I'm weird. I like heroes to die in the end. I'm still disappointed that Frodo didn't die. I think he should have.

John said...

I just reserved my copy yesterday.

I saw in Entertainment Weekly that two characters are slated to die in the book. My money is on this:

Harry eventually catches up with Snape (who turns out to be evil). They battle it out and Harry, in a fit of rage over Dumbledore's murder, kills Snape.

Once he calms down, Harry is horrified over what happened. So when he faces Voldemort, he knows what he has to do, but haunted by the memory of killing Snape, is unable to do it.

That's when Wormtail intervenes (since Dumbledore said that Wormtail was in his debt in PoA) and, similar to the way Gollum wound up destroying the One Ring, winds up helping Harry finish off Voldemort.

Errrrr .... wait. That's too Tolkein. Never mind.