Friday, March 30, 2007

What Topics for Speculative Faith

Chime in. I'm looking for ideas on future Spec Faith posts.

What would you like to see discussed at Speculative Faith that you haven't seen touched on yet. (I've done myths/fairy tales, attempted to define CSF, analyzed specific stories by name authors to see if they were CSF, I've posted a series on "voice and style", etc.)

More story analysis? A particular topic? A particular novel?

Suggest away.


Josh said...

Sex, violence, and cursing. Maybe throw in drug and alcohol abuse, gore, and other dark-dark themes that pervade our society. How much should you strive for "realistic characters" who might engage in such things in graphical ways, compared to those who don't think it should show up in Christian fiction in the slighest way and that everything should have a happy ending?

Just throwing that spectrum out there.

Daniel Ausema said...

More speculative poetry posts--I kept looking forward to those.