Friday, March 02, 2007

TSR and DKA Visits and Page View Stats
And An Invitation to Readers and Writers

I like to peruse the stats for The Sword Review and Dragons, Kngihts & Angels every now and then.

We were gaining on TSR's numbers at the end of last year, which cheered my DKA asst editorial heart. But TSR is on the move again:

December ~~ 42,841 (visits) ~~761,264 (page views)
January ~~~~ 42,289 (visits) ~~769,073 (page views)

Contrast those stats to DKA's:

December ~~ 38,272 (visits) ~~462,821 (page views)
January ~~~~ 39,180 (visits) ~~491,126 (page views)

I have to say, we've had a lovely upward glide, and that cheers me tremendously. Almost half a million page views per month is nothing to sneeze at. Nearly 40,000 visits is quite nice. (Surely oodles more than this blog gets, I can tell you!)

So, come on by DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS and check out our stories and poems, new and archived. Give our numbers a boost!

If you write Christian speculative poetry and/or fiction, that's not a bad audience exposed to what you write. You never know who's reading. :) Why not submit to our contest or regular subs.

Oh, and we're always seeking sponsors. Got a spare ten or fifty bucks. We'll put it to good use. And it's tax-deductible!

We're waiting for YOU!


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