Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spur 58: Worship Music Without the Yawn

So, I'm in the mood for some worship tunes, eh. I go to and browse the CCM category and, after listening to some oldies, check out stuff I wasn't familiar with. And I found Spur 58.

I have no idea what the group's name means. Spur 58? I do know that I like the energy and passionate vocals and the fun, quirky bits of sound added to the pop/rock worship tunes.

I've been sampling songs from both SLEEPWALKERS and BLESSED CATASTROPHE, the two albums listed at the music site. Fun stuff. If you never checked this group out and you enjoy a bit noisier kind of worship song--let's say, maybe Chris Tomlin makes you doze off after a while--then go check them out.

And if you figure out what the name means, let me know.


SolShine7 said...

I like the title to this one, funny stuff.

GinnyAiken said...

Hey, Mir. I'm thrilled to have found you--not that you were lost ;-) Anyway, I have some questions for you, and need a means to contact you. You can contact me at