Friday, March 09, 2007

Spec Faith Friday: My Post Is Up

Please drop by and read: "Speculative Poetry: Images from the Past and Future":

I want to look at a couple of John Kuhn’s poems today. The first is up at DKA and was the winner of our first poetry contest last year. We had quite a number of excellent entries, but John’s became one of the favorites for the judges from early on.

It took me a couple readings to really get a gist of what was going on. Some readers found it obscure, and some complained about said obscurity. I and the other judges, however, found it allusive and imagistic and strong and deep, so it rose to the top.

Sometimes, it’s worth it to work out the meaning, to sit and think. Don’t you have to do this with Scripture? Aren’t some passages bewildering, difficult, troublesome, troubling, and just plain vexing? Aren’t many passages allusive to earlier books of the Bible?

This same skill set can be used in understanding poetry.

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