Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sanjaya Stays, Stephanie Slips Away

I liked several of the songs from Tuesday's American Idol show, and it was fun to see ebullient Lulu (whose "To Sir, With Love" was one of those songs I couldn't stop singing way back when) and Peter Noone (who was one of those, "Oh, he's so cute" Brits to my very young heart). But then, I was born in 1960, so the sound of the British Invasion was the soundtrack of my early, formative, South Bronx years.

After the performances, I counted Sanjaya, Stephanie, Gina, and Haley as my least favorite. Melinda, as usual, blew the roof off with raging talent. Lakisha was very, very good, as always, a terrific emoter and a powerful voice. Simon was an idiot about the look. The gal has improved in how she dresses and presents herself, and I give her props for the sexy green dress and the bling. (The shoes. Urp.) Kisha's the only real competition for ridiculously superb Melinda D.

Sanjaya was...a joke. And that crying kid was annoying. I think she realized she'd get camera time if she blubbered, and then she decided to blubber through every performance. Fake crying. I didn't buy it. Was she an A.I. plant? Annoying kid. I hope she's not gonna be a fixture, chin trembling in that oh-so overdone way.

Stephanie did a dreadful, pitchy, wobbly performance Tuesday, lacking breath control. I even wondered if she was maybe ill or something. So, being in my bottom four, I can't say she didn't put herself in a bad position by just not rocking the place. However, she would have given better performances, unlike Sanjaya, who is destined to be rotten for as long as American insanely, inexplicably keeps him on.

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