Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sanjaya Safe Yet Again on American Idol


Come on, America. Stop with the sympathy voting for the big-eyed, big-haired, skinny kid who can't really sing--unless you call that monotone, emotionless sound coming out from his mouth singing--and has zip stage presence--unless you consider that panicked deer-in-headlights expression "presence."

Please. I beg of you, America's grandmamas and aunties and other pity-voters and Sanjaya champions, stop! Look at the kid's face. He's known for weeks he doesn't belong there. Stop forcing him to continue putting on pathetic performances. Let him go home and take singing and dancing lessons for a couple years.

Anyone who votes for Sanjaya when the huge talents of Lakisha and Melinda are on display is clearly just not listening.

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