Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rich Horton's Lists of Best in 2006 SF

Well, the guy reads a lot of stories. Here's his own tally, emphases mine:

This year so far I have read a total of 65 novellas, 315 novelettes, and 1580 short stories. The novella and short story totals are up a great deal from last year. The novelette total is almost the same. Of the short stories, 227 were short shorts. (I consider a short-short to be anything under 1500 words.) The total length of the new short fiction I read last year was about 10.8 million words, versus a final total of between 9 and 10 million each of the last three years. Total stories: 1951. (I estimate there are at least 2500 stories published in some at least vaguely semipro form each year, but that's really just a guess.) When the last magazines are in, I should be close to 2000 total stories and 11,000,000 words.

Whoa. My left eye is twitching at those numbers and trying to keep that many stories straight. I have trouble keeping FIVE stories straight if I read them the same week.

I envy Rich. I want android eyeballs, too. I had them in my twenties. Could read all day without needing to rest or barely blink. Now, after 25 pages, I need a nap.

Only slightly kidding.

Head HERE to see his lists of Best Of in fantasy, science fiction, space opera, online SF/F, and his other lists of faves (and presumptive Hugo nominees. Here's his list for short stories:

My tentative Hugo list is just four deep for now, with four or five stories vying for the last spot:

"The House Beyond Your Sky," Rosenbaum
"Another Word for Map is Faith," Rowe
"Eight Episodes," Reed
"Life on the Preservation," Skillingstead

And here's his list for novelettes:

"Journey Into the Kingdom," Rickert
"Salt Wine," Beagle
"A Siege of Cranes," Rosenbaum
"The Cartesian Theater," Wilson
"Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy)," Ryman

with Barnes's "Every Hole is Outlined" and Williams's "Incarnation Day" knocking on the door.

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Matt Mikalatos said...

It appears that Rich prefers stories written by people whose last name begins with the letter "R".