Thursday, March 15, 2007


Visit the web site of a new SF short fiction magazine called ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS.

You may see a familiar name in their list of contributors. Yep, the CSF community's own Daniel Ausema.

It's tough getting a magazine off the ground, and it's tougher keeping it going. So, if you are a fan of SF and want to try a new magazine to see if it suits your tastes, why not get an issue of ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS?

OH, and they have an ongoing contest set-up that might interest you SF writers of short fiction out there. It might bring in some moolah for ya. They, of course, take regular subs and pay below-pro-rates, but hey, they pay. Here are the Submission Guidelines.


Eve Nielsen said...

Neat cover on the All Possible Worlds mag.

Daniel Ausema said...

Thanks for the mention! :) I'm waiting to receive my contributor copy to post about it on my blog so I can mention some of the other stories as well--but I'm glad you noticed.

My story is a fun bit of flash about an Armegeddon that almost happened...