Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prayer Request for a Friend

A friend of ours from our old Baptist church by name of Luis, a guy younger than my snooky, an athletic guy, a great dad, a faithful believer and follower of Jesus, had a spinal stroke. His situation is serious.

As you can imagine, his wife and kids are under great stress. What you can't imagine, cause you don't know, is that this family has had more than its fair share of medical sufferings. The daughter, while still a young teen, had multiple brain surgeries to treat an extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY rare cerebrovascular syndrome. Then Luis' wife was diagnosed with colon cancer, for which she is still being monitored. Now...this.

I"m asking for the storming of the throne room with prayers for a miracle or two on their behalf. Just trust me when I say these are good people.

Proof: The reclusive Mir, who will spend days, weeks, without so much as leaving my property, is planning a 7 hour drive to Tampa (there and back) Saturday (God willing) to visit.

Hope is my year's word, and so my eyes hope to see a healed Luis back at home where he should be.


emmie johnson said...

That is really sad. I hope he gets well soon. Will pray for his well being. Good luck to him and his family.
emmie johnson

Mirtika said...

I appreciate it, Emmie, and thank you on his behalf.