Monday, March 05, 2007

Miss Snark on Conferences vs Slush Pile

For those of you agonizing over whether to spend the time, travel, and cash on going to a writer's conference in order to get an agent:

CLUE: I read every single letter in the slush pile. EVERY ONE. So do ALL of the agents I know well, and probably the rest of them too. Yes, people arrive in ways other than the slush but pound for pound the slush pile produced more clients for me than ANYTHING ELSE, including conferences.

Conferences can be good for a lot of things, primarily meeting other authors, making friends, and getting a chance to actually see with your own four eyes that agents are human beings (editors...that's a different story of course).

You don't need a conference to get an agent.
You need to write really really well.

I read the slush pile...most of it's crap. Don't write crap.
--Miss Snark

And, yes, "Don't write crap" is just about the best advice one can give. (Of course, the other best advice is "Learn to recognize if you write crap." That's just as hard as "Don't Write Crap.")


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Ha! Good one.

So Mir, are you looking for an agent or trying to find an editor first? Or not of the above. Just curious.