Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mir's Newest, Lesser TV CrushBoy

~Sir Guy of Gisborne

He's really Richard Armitage in the new BBC Robin Hood . He's got that bad boy in black leather, sorta goth-rocker look. Me like. It's a minor sort of pseudo-Spike fix, since Spikey's gone. Plus: cool black hair. Yeah.

Have you seen the show? It's okay. I'm not gonna jump up and down and gush about it, but it's not totally wretched, either. It's got a sense of humor, action, broody beefcake, and British accents. This is sometimes enough for The Mir.

Edited to Add: A commenter left a link to a very cool Richard Armitage fan site. Lots of pics for girls who, like me, dig heavily on the British hotties. And R.A. is most definitely one of those.


Tina said...

Um, yeah, I'm so there with you Mir. broody beefcake with British accents. Yummy. The guy playing Robin Hood is not so shabby either. The show itself is pretty good to I'm a happy camper.

Mesandraeth said...

Hi girls

So glad you're loving our lovely RA!!! and enjoying Robin Hood. Hope you don't mind me posting a couple of links but you can find out more info about Richard here

and talk about him here

and find out more info about the RH series here

and chat about the series here

Hope to see you there!


Mirtika said...

Thanks,Mes.The Armitage Army site is very cool. I'll link up to it in the blog. My but that man is a beauty. I'm gonna have to Netflix some of those shows I never got to see with him.