Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mir's Fave Ballerina: Sylvie Guillem

It's always been very hard for me to find her on film/tape, but I found Sylvie is featured in various vids over at YouTube. Just look at those extremities and those AMAZINGLY graceful, strong, and flexible. And those feet! The best feet in ballet, imo.

Sylvie Guillem Dances Kitri's Act 1 Solo

Here she is in "Wet Woman."

What she does with her limbs just ravishes me. Her legs speak!

And "Swan Lake"

Those arms might as well be wings. Amazing.

"Excerpt from Four Last Songs"

If you ever find that terrific documentary on her called "Sylvie Guillem At Work"--a biographical one, and I think a couple of the YouTube vids are from it, if I remember correctly, though it's been a few years since I caught it on PBS--and you don't want it, let me know. No, really. Cause I want it.

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