Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mike Duran (De)Composes on Christian Art

He's already on #3 in the series, so you'll need to catch up, but it's worth looking at "What is Christian Art" by Mikey D:

From part two:
Christian fiction is defined as something “written by and for Christians” and characterized by its “explicit Christian themes.” Those three earmarks — author, audience, message — serve as a barometer of contemporary Christian art. Furthermore (and maybe even more integral to the examination), is the recognition of “a Christian subculture” that “has given rise to a specific genre of Christian novel.”

But who is this Christian subculture and what role do they play in defining, driving — and/or policing — Christian art?

From part three:
One of my issues with the current definitions and strictures of Christian art (especially as it relates to Christian fiction), is that large sections of this “artistic spectrum” are forced outside the camp. Whether it’s because of specific theology, semantics, cultural conservatism or a flat-out commercial hijacking, only the art that falls within certain parameters is deemed Christian. But perhaps the greater tragedy is that by narrowing the boundaries of the genre — which is what the Christian label forces us to do — we inadvertently diminish or overlook important expressions of Christian witness and ministry in the world.

Then drop by Becky Miller's place, cause she's in bloggy dialogue with M.D.'s posts and themes.

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