Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Happening, well, NOW!

It's March 3rd, 4 pm, and some of you may already be seeing the lunar eclipse, epending on where you are on the planet.

Totality is at 5:44 eastern time.

We have muggy, cloudy weather in Miami, but moonrise is at 6:20, so we have hope that some clearing will occur. Mad, wild hope, but hope.

I'm gonna shower, dress, and hubby and I are heading to Miami Beach to get a clear view of the eastern horizon for moonrise. And yes, HOPE it is a CLEAR view.

If you have unclouded or slightly cloudy skies in your EST and CST zones, please go out and watch the first of two lunar eclipses that North Americans get to witness in 2007.


Edited to Add: We had a great time. By the time we got to the beach--after waiting for clouds to thin out--the moon was maybe, what, 20 degrees over the horizon? There was a small sliver of light in the bottom leftish side and the moisture in the air gave it a lovely hazy halo.

We walked the Hollywood oceanwalk and watched more of the moon emerge. We finally decided to have supper at a Mexican place called Mamacita's, where a very attractive Mexican lady dressed in a folk costume and headwear danced folk dances and sang traditional songs. Hubby asked her if she'd do my fave--Malaguena Salerosa--but she didn't have the music for it. He gave her some moolah to do La Cigarra. Pleasant, if not meaty, burrito, top-notch margarita, and the espresso was perfect. We had a seat on the terrace, so we got to see the moon the whole time we ate. By the time we left, it had been full for a while, and quite lovely, too.

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giorgio said...

I am seeing it in all its glory on a crystal clear night in Ljubljana slovenia. Its the most beautiful experience.