Sunday, March 04, 2007

L'Chaim's Heather Has a Story at InFuze

"Matt & Marnie Sittin' in the Tree, or Something Like That" by Heather Goodman:

It's been a long time. And really, to some extent this is my first date. Ever, almost. I met Craig in high school. No, junior high. Oaklyn Junior High, 1991. I don't even remember when or how, but we were just together. "Going out," we called it. We married two weeks after high school graduation, and I got pregnant almost immediately. So a first date? Well, I guess this is my first.

The title actually works. I like it. Now, go read the story, especially if you're a gal with kids.

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Heather said...

Mir! Thanks for the props! This is why I love the CBA world - mucho encouragement.