Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kathryn Mackel and Hoping for #3

You know how I told you the word God impressed on me for this year, my theme word, as it will, is hope?'s cause for a bit of celebrating and a good deal of hoping for those of us who ache to see the finale of Kathryn Mackel's BIRTHRIGHT PROJECT published (ie, book three).

On the Christian Fandom and other listservs, a message was forwarded from Kathryn, who tells us that Westbow will be reissuing the first two books, Outriders and Trackers, with new covers and aimed at a YA audience. This is an excellent idea, given the youthfulness of many of the protagonists and the action in the stories.

Now, given that the sales number for the books the first time out were low, this is an act of faith on the part of the publisher.

Here are Kathryn's words:

I know this step is a result of your prayers. I am amazed and grateful.

I will ask that, should the Spirit lead, you continue to pray. It's hard for an author to pray for #'s to prove the value of a series (or a genre) but I ask you to join me in praying that, if the Lord wills it and the vision I have for book 3 is in that divine will, that the books will find enough success in YA to justify WestBow asking for that book.

I really enjoyed the two novels that were released, and I'm one who'd be lining up for the third in the originally planned trilogy.

So, I'm a prayin' and a hopin'.

Keep an eye out (as I will) for the reissues, and buy copies for the YA's in your family and in your church youth group and, hey, for your neighbors. Let's get that third book OUT!

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