Monday, March 05, 2007

If You're on SHOUTLIFE, Gimma A Holler

I told my hubby about (a Christian alternative to MySpace) a while back, but pretty much forgot about it. I don't visit my own MySpace account, and most of the mail is spamming.

But I decided to add my voice to Shoutlife.

So, if you're a Shoutlifer, too, gimme a friendly holler so we can hook up.

I'm Mirtika on there:


super girl said...

Hi, Mirtika. I'm on the SL and I just saw your profile. Welcome on board.

SolShine7 said...

I just recently joined Shout Life but I like MySpace better.

Mir, are you familar with the proper format for a fiction book proposal? I'm working on one now for my young adult science fiction novel and I'm wondering if I'm doing this thing right. I'd appreciate any advice.

Brian said...

The site is nice, but it is not a Christian MySpace. It is more of a Christian Forum with Blogs that allows (like most forums) users to have a simple profile. No doubt it is kewl, but to compare to MySpace, it must possess at least some of the main features. For that, there are plenty to choose from of which many I am a member of currently. The one I use the most due to speed and ease of use (and similarity to MySpace) is

Again, it is not really a Christian MySpace, but more a Christian site with kewl forums and blogs. That is my 2 cents.