Monday, March 19, 2007

If The Mir and Her Hubby
Showed Up On South Park

The "AofV" aka The Mir:

"The Professor" aka Hunky Hubby:

and the non-book version of me:

That's actually pretty close to my hair and how I dress, as lately I'm into red with my black. Previously, I was into turquoise or periwinkle with my black. A group of my pals dubbed me the Angel of Vengeance (the AofV) some years back when I was ranting hugely about the sort of deaths that certain global villains ought to get. I went into some rather gory detail. I earned my nickname. Hence the wings. The book needs no explanation. The crown refers to my often joked about wish to be Empress of Everything and Boss of Everyone. The expression is a product of my critical editor's eye, says hubby. (He said, "That's it! That's the look!") I took a bit of imperial umbrage at being assessed as medium-level cranky.

These same pals nicknamed hubby The Professor, cause he's smart, has taught computer science, and has written a textbook. Hubby is big into his music (playing, composing) and always finds a way to be in some praise band. And he loves his iTunes and iPod. His hair is not really gray. It's dark ash blonde with some silvery agelights. But that's the closest color. He does, indeed, have rosy Germanic cheeks and green eyes. He is much handsomer than depicted. Much.

If you want to do up yourself and family a la South Park style, goeth here.

hat tip to Mrs. J.M. Bertrand, AKA Laurie Click over to see her adorable South Park version of J. Mark.

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