Saturday, March 17, 2007

How NOT to Query and Agent or Editor

A Really, Really, Awful Query Letter.

Also, how not to write a synopsis, and how not to write a hook, and how not to write a science fiction novel, or any novel, and how not to promote your novel.

You gotta feel sorry for the guy's being totally self-deluded about his talents. He's a really bad writer. Sorry, but that's the whole truth, right there.

It's kinda sad to see someone so disconnected from any sort of objective self-assessment.

One of the promotional quotes, btw, is from an agent Preditors and Editors rates as "not recommended" for charging hundreds in upfront fees and having no documented sales. And, presumably, is not the guy's agent, since he's querying agents. So, he's quoting--what?--a rejection letter from a terrible agent? Whoa.

The query as posted at Miss Snark's is amazingly arrogant and pushy and drenched in a sort of desperation that evokes both guffaws and disbelief. And pity. Lots of pity.

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