Sunday, March 04, 2007

Help The Mir Crack 10K at Amazon Reviews

This is a totally bald-faced appeal for "helpful" votes at

If you drop by regularly and find my posts fun or helpful or inspiring or informative, could you do me the favor of helping me get under that 10K mark of reviewer ranking at

Go to my most recent review for LOCUS MAGAZINE (just scroll down to my review; it's the only one), and click YES to was this review helpful. Then click "see all my reviews" and click YES to a few of them (or all of them!) and give me a boost.

Or you can just go to the list of my reviews and see what you may wanna read and click on. I have six pages of public reviews (I dunno why some are private!), and you can click on the bottom to go to any of the six pages.

Hey, okay, yeah, it's pathetic, but I am so close to breaking that 10K mark that I'll be utterly shamelss about it.

Aw, you know you wanna make the Mir smile. Go on. Click.


Chris said...

Voted for three. Unless things have changed in the past couple years (and they may well have), three votes per person, per day count, with a maximum of ten votes from an individual. See ya again, tomorrow.

BTW, I'm in the 1,976 grouping. And Yes votes are always welcome.

Mirtika said...

Cool. I'll go click for ya.

I didn't know about the click limits. I did start noticing that it would only accept a few (3?) reviews at a time. On days when I sit to catch up and do several reviews, it won't let me post after a certain number (but I didn't keep count which).


Thanks for the clickies.