Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gerard Butler to Play Snake Plissken

This is where I confess to having something of an eyepatch fetish.

Stop laughing.

This quirk of mine has led me to purchase nearly every romance novel I've come across with a hero who wears one, historical or contemporary, (at least back when I was really into romance). I'm even drawn to animated patches. (Kenpachi Zaraki from BLEACH) I greatly rejoiced when Jamey Sheridan got to sport one on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, although I certainly don't rejoice in Bell's Palsy. And the only time I found Robert Wagner eye-catching, ahem, was when he played Number Two, with one-eyed panache.

I have no idea where this strange fascination came from, but, well, I suspect it has something to do with that whole, "I am a he-male. I have survived the dread ordeal and I bear the marks of it on my body" thing.

So, yeah, eyepatches on heroes, cinematic or fictional or animated or Moshe Dayanish: very cool.

Ergo my excitement at the following:

Things change and movie productions go into limbo, as we've seen happen with the casting of Gerry in PRIEST, but Richard over at FILMSTALKER--who's becoming a good pal to us "tarts"--reported a couple days ago that our own Gerard Butler is set to star in the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in the lead role of Snake Plissken.

You might remember that Kurt Russell did a really good job with the role, though the film, well, coulda been better. (There was a sequel, too. A rather weird one, actually.)

Me, I think Gerry could do better even than Russell. I'm biased,naturally, but I don't think it's a stretch to say that Gerry can do tough and competent and sexy like nobody's business. His work as Terry in CRADLE OF LIFE and as Leonidas in 300 and as Beowulf in BEOWULF AND GRENDEL shows that he can do the tough hero type, and do it ridiculously well. And he can make you believe he's got that outlaw edge, too. Oh, yeah.

Hope they get a killer writing and directing team behind Gerry. He deserves the best.

Wonder who will play the gal originally done by Season Hubley, who shone as the sweet-faced but troubled chick in flicks for a brief spell, then disappeared off the screen.

Of course, the idea of Gerry Butler wearing an eyepatch brings me to a place of euphoria which makes it hard to type. Hmmm...maybe I need to get the hubby a nice brown leather one for Christmas. Hmmm.

And we may have to make Richard an honorary Man-Tart for keeping us GB.netties abreast of the Gerry news.

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SolShine7 said...

Patches are cool, especially on pirates.