Saturday, March 17, 2007

Genre Traveler Photo Contest

Do you have a knack with a camera and you enjoy the speculative genres? (Rebecca G, you listening?)

Well, if that's you, and you think you can capture a fantasy, science fiction, or horror sort of destination, then snap away and enter the First Annual Genre Traveler Photo Contest:

The term "destinations" is loosely defined as "someplace a person can visit", which means it can be an SF/F/H themed attraction, a location where an SF/F/H film was shot or where a story was set, or even just a cool looking place that might be featured in the "Scene Around" section of The Genre Traveler. Use your imagination!

Spec fic aficionados will recognize the name of one of the judges: artist Bob Eggleton.

Submission deadline is May 31, 2007. Open now to entries. Details and prizes are HERE.

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CS Pothitt said...

Thanks for this post!

As an update, Clarion West got 60% of the votes and so will get 15% of the funds raised.

Also, I'm posting ideas for photos on The Genre Traveler Blog: